Install Cookie Clickers for PC Windows and Mac

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Some people don’t have a handheld device to play mobile applications on, others simply don’t enjoy playing games on their phone. Regardless of what your reasoning is or why you’re curious as to how you can play apps on your computer, there are a few ways to play Cookie Clickers for PC on a computer, rather than playing on your phone.

The two methods that we’re going to be looking at in this article are how you can play Cookie Clickers for PC using an Android emulator, as well as how you are able to play Cookie Clickers using the web browser of your choice. So, let’s jump right into it!

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Using Android Emulator to Play Cookie Clickers for PC

In order to use an Android emulator for playing Cookie Clickers for PC, or any mobile application for that matter, you are required to install the program Bluestacks. Once it’s installed, simply follow the steps below and you’ll be playing Cookie Clickers in no time at all.

1. To kick this method off, launch Bluestacks and perform the basic setup if you haven’t done so already.

Cookie Clickers for PC using BlueStacks
2. Straight away, you will recognize that the interface you are using is the exact same as the Android user interface and so, the method is very similar to that of an Android device.
3. After the basic setup, head over to the “Play Store” and click on the search bar located at the top of the display.
4. Type in “Cookie Clickers” and although hundreds, if not thousands, of results will appear, download the result which is developed by “redBit Games”.
5. Once it’s downloaded and you’ve installed it, simply head over to the applications menu, and click on Cookie Clickers.

Cookie Clickers on PC

There’s no doubting that this method is very different to some of the other methods that we discuss, although it is by no means difficult and should only take a few minutes to set up and play the game.

PC Cookie Clickers

Playing Cookie Clickers for PC on Browser

As we mentioned above, there is a browser version of the game. Click here to be redirected to the online game. There is no method behind this option as you simply click on the link above, and you will be taken to the game where you can immediately play.

If you’ve played the Cookie Clickers game on your iOS or Android device, then you will notice that the game appears completely different. While the games look different, the concepts are identical; however, there are some different features included on the browser version, such as:

– Legacy mode allows you to get a high number of cookies, and gain “legacy points” in return for you restarting your game. However, in doing so you are awarded with a percentage increase in your profits. With enough legacy points, you can purchase special legacy upgrades.
– By clicking on the numbers located on the right menu, you are able to purchase large numbers of upgrades at once. This can make the game a lot less boring, and let you focus on clicking the cookie!

Cookie Clickers for PC Windows Mac Download

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Given the fact that Cookie Clickers for PC has a lot more to offer, it can be seen as better than the handheld version. If you’re someone who finds themselves sitting at their desk for hours on end, and you’re looking for a distraction or something to ease your stress with; then Cookie Clickers is a game for you/

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