Download Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire Amazon HD and HDX

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With more and more devices being released every week, Amazon have taken the opportunity to release their own brand of devices; Amazon Fires. These devices, although the hardware is manufactured by Amazon themselves, takes advantage of the Android platform and provides users with a user interface that they are familiar with. Fortunately, anyone who has used an Android device in the past will already be able to install and play Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire, although for those who haven’t, let’s jump right in and teach you how.

Cookie HD HDX Amazon

How to Install Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire

Before you jump into the steps which we have provided below, make sure that you have proceeded through the basic setup of your device beforehand. Once you’ve run through the basic setup steps, prepared yourself a Google account and linked it with your device, you’re ready to go forth.

1. On the main menu of your device, locate and tap on the “Play Store”.
2. Once you’re on the Play Store, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have already linked your account using the menu on the left.
3. Tap on the search bar located at the top of the display, and enter “Cookie Clickers”. Many results will appear although for this specific game, download the game which is developed by “redBit Games”.
4. After the application has downloaded and is installed on your device, simply head over to the applications menu, locate Cookie Clickers, and jump right into fun for several hours of your day.

Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire

Fortunately, Cookie Clickers is a game which is available through the Play Store and is one which you don’t have to download through a third-party website. Because of that, it’s not difficult to install by any means.

What Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire Has to Offer

If you haven’t already checked out Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire before, then you won’t be aware of all of the different features which the app itself has to offer. Below is a list of some of the main features of Cookie Clickers.

Chocolate Milk: Nobody wants to spend hours on end tapping away on their device and to make getting cookies easier, every 5 minutes the “Chocolate Milk Mode” will be enabled which will allow you to get up to 50 times more cookies from tapping.

Golden Cookie Rain: After tapping so many times, a golden cookie rain will fall from the sky. These cookies will fall incredibly fast and if you are lucky enough to tap on one of them, you will be rewarded with a large sum of cookies. The more golden cookies that you tap, the more bonus cookies you will get!

Kindle Fire APK Cookie Clickers

Social: Compete with your friends by connecting your Facebook account, viewing who has the highest CPS and the most cookies, and do your best to get the most.

As you can tell, Cookie Clickers is a game which comes with its fair share of features, some of which are incredibly fun to have.

Cookie Clickers is available on almost any device out there; provided that it is equipped with either the iOS or Android platforms. Cookie Clickers for Kindle Fire contains all of the same features as the app on other devices and we are fortunate enough that that is the case. If you haven’t already played the game and experienced the countless hours of fun for yourself, go ahead and install it now.

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