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Newest edition of Cookie Clickers; Cookie Clickers 2, and some of the features which differ it from the previous version.

Several years ago, redBit Games released the original Cookie Clickers game. There is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the best received apps out there. Now, many years after this original application was released, redBit Games have finally released a follow-up game and it is even better than the first.

Cookie Clickers 2 new APP

The chances are that you’ll be thinking, “This game is going to be the exact same as the first game, what point is there in me checking it out?”. While that’s a fair way of thinking about it, the second game comes with so many more features than the original and provides an even more addicting experience!

What is Cookie Clickers 2?

If you’re already familiar with the concept of Cookie Clickers and you’ve played the original game, then go ahead and jump forward to the section on features. If you haven’t played the game before and it’s completely new to you, the goal is for you to get as many cookies as possible and increase your CPS (Cookies Per Second).

Latest Cookie Clickers 2 APK

By tapping on the giant cookie in the centre of your display, you will be rewarded with cookies. With these cookies, you will be able to purchase upgrades which will help you to get more cookies at a much faster rate.

The difference between the first and second Cookie Clickers is that with the second game, there are so many more features which make it worth spending endless amounts of hours playing it!

Cookie Clickers 2 Features

Below are some of the best features which are included in Cookie Clickers 2 and the exact reasons that it is worth checking out the app.

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Cookieland: This is by far the biggest addition to the game in comparison to the first. With Cookieland, you are provided with the chance to receive upgrades for free; by simply completing the set of tasks which you are provided with. Once you complete these tasks, you will be rewarded and will unlock the next set of tasks which will give you an even better reward than before.

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Time Machine: The Time Machine is the equivalent of “Boosters” in the original game and provides you with the chance to fast forward your cookie production by several hours at a time. Unlike boosters, you don’t have to spend real money on the time machine and can use the golden cookies which you collect to use it.

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Golden Cookies: Unlike the original game, when you tap on the golden cookies which rain down, you will receive a cookie instead of a money boost. The golden cookies which you collect can be spent on special upgrades and can even be used on the Time Machine.

Milk: Chocolate milk was one of the most popular features in the original game and in the second game, you are able to purchase Mint and Strawberry milk; both of which provide you with even bigger bonuses than chocolate milk!

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All in all, there is no doubt in my mind that in comparison to the original Cookie Clickers application and computer game, Cookie Clickers 2 is a huge step up and can be thought of as an “enhanced” version of the game. When taking into consideration the originality and level of uniqueness which each of the features in this application bring, Cookie Clickers 2 is a top contender for the number one tapping application available. If you’ve not already got it downloaded and installed on your device, it’s time to do so now.

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